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“…along with their callow new recruit, John Dunn, sensitively essayed by William Lee”. – Erin Free (Film Ink.) … William Lee WINS Best Supporting Actor Click here for more News and reviews on William Lee


William Lee

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William Lee – AACTA Awards Red Carpet 2017

William Lee – 8th Annual AACTA Awards 2017 Red Carpet – Photo by. Justin Ross

The Legend of Ben Hall – Playing John Dunn


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Winner of “Best Supporting Actor” at the 50th Annual Houston International Film Festival (Worldfest) for his role as Bushranger “John Dunn” in The Legend of Ben Hall which received a worldwide release in 2017.


Being a competitive horse rider from a young age, William opted to do his own horse riding stunts. His belief in the project lead him to become an Executive Producer on the film. At the start of 2017 he worked on the Bushranger Doco, Lawless- The Real bushrangers by Foxtel.


William is now writing and producing as he endeavours to create more content using horses in film. He is also dedicated to creating and sharing stories including his family history, from European Royalty, to a prisoner of war in Changi in WWII.


Educated in Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles, he brings extensive insight into all his work. Fun Fact: William has a double degree a “Ba. Exercise Science and Human Movement and a Ba. Sport and Recreation Management.”

Fight to be Limitless!

The Legend of Ben Hall


After two years running from the law, bushranger Ben Hall has gone into hiding, He is soon drawn back into bushranging by the reappearance of his old friend, John Gilbert. Reforming the gang and taking on a new recruit John Dunn, the trio begin a spree of robberies and crimes across New South Wales. After the killing of two policemen, the three become the most wanted men in colony.

When the Government moves to declare them outlaws that can shot on sight by any person who chooses, Ben Hall makes desperate plans to flee the colony. But with a such a large bounty on their heads, treachery abounds where they least expect it …

The Legend of Ben Hall Poster 




John Dunn (Played by William Lee)

John Dunn Portrait

John Dunn was an Australian bushranger. He was born at Murrumburrah near Yass, New South Wales. Dunn joined the Hall gang in October 1864, a welcomed new member after police captured gang members Dunleavy and Mount.
On 26 January 1865, Hall, Gilbert and Dunn were at Collector, where Dunn twice shot and killed the local police officer, Constable Samuel Nelson, the sole policeman in the township.
After Hall and Gilbert were killed, Dunn went into hiding. On 18 December, Dunn was betrayed by those he trusted and after a fight with police was wounded and captured near Coonamble.
He was 19 years old when he was hanged in Darlinghurst Gaol.

John Dunn

Ben Hall Gang and Horses

Ben Hall Gang and Horses Bel Bel

John Dunn Collector Hotel

John Dunn Horses Gilbert Ryan

Images Copyright (C) 2016 Two Tone Pictures. Photo By Kim Dickson

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The Legend of Ben Hall (Released in Australian cinemas November 2016, and Europe/ North America 2016)

by Matthew Holmes- Legend of Ben Hall Movie; John Dunn, VIC/ NSW, Australia

Funny Bone

by Dir. Laura D’Augello; Todd, Melbourne, Australia


TV Documentary Series


by Foxtel; Tom Kenniff (The Kenniff Brothers) & Nesbitt (Captain Moonlight), VIC, Australia



by Samuel Hunter Galloway; Jarrod, VIC, Australia


Web Series

Every Dog Has It’s Day

by Veronica Sive- SunJive Studios; Samuel, VIC, Australia


Speed Dating

by Dir. Todd Farley; Creative Head Productions; Luke, Melbourne, Australia


by Dir. by Timothy Whiting; Inhouse Create productions & Creative Head Pro; Luke, Melbourne, Australia


By Felix Jia: VCA Masters; Short Film, Victoria, Australia


The Scare

by Dir. Harriet Devlin: Driving Monks Productions; Theatre, Victoria, Australia



Howard Fine Acting Studios


Howard Fine (2013/ 2015)
David Coury (SFA 1, 2, 2.1)
Jean-Louis Rodrigue (Alexander Technique)
Ted Brunetti (On Camera)
Laura Gardner (Audition Technique)
Marilyn McIntyre (Personalisation)
Foundation (2012 & 2017)

2012 – Ongoing

Howard Fine Acting Studios, Melbourne/ LA

Scene Study

Laura Gardner, Howard Fine, David Coury, Jean-Lewis Rodrigue, Marilyn McIntyre, Ted Brunetti, Karen Ludwig



Acting Technique

1 Week Intensive


MAA/ Rehearsal Room

Audition Workshops

Amanda Mitchell, Alison Telford, Tom McSweeney, Angela Heesom, Dave Newman, Greg Apps, Alison Telford, Thea McLeod, Natalie Wall , Rosie Traynor, Melanie Mackintosh, Lynne Ruthven

Voice/ Dialect Coach

Anna McCrossin-owen

Alexander Coach

Penny McDonald

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Matthew Holmes Director of The Legend of Ben Hall 2016


Matthew Holmes

Creator/ Writer/ Director – “The legend of Ben Hall”

I have found William Lee to be a most committed and enthusiastic actor, one who takes time to research and explore his character to great depths. When acting he is focused and present, and his performances are always grounded, natural, and often understated. His manner on set in completely professional, and he takes the initiative to help in areas he is not required to, making him an asset to any film production.


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